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Water Tanks


Our Story

For over twenty years, Symbiotic Networks has been at the forefront of developing robust networking solutions tailored for critical infrastructure SCADA systems. In a landscape marked by aging infrastructure and burgeoning cybersecurity threats, we've been the trusted partner municipalities turn to. 

At Symbiotic Networks, we don't just offer solutions; we offer peace of mind. With a deep understanding of municipal and provincial requirements, we safeguard your SCADA systems, ensuring their resilience, compliance, and efficient operation. Partner with us and let our legacy of excellence be the backbone of your infrastructure.

Our Values


At Symbiotic Networks, sustainability is an actionable commitment, not just a label. We tirelessly refine SCADA systems for heightened energy efficiency, directly curbing environmental impact. Beyond aiding our clients, we embed this principle within our own operations, marrying resource prudence with the adoption of green technologies. The ripple effect? Clients witness enhanced operations and economies, while the planet reaps the rewards of our green strides.



Safety isn't a mere checkpoint; it's our benchmark. This extends beyond just operational tenets to a comprehensive emphasis on cybersecurity. With the digital landscape teeming with potential risks, we deploy cutting-edge technologies to act as a bulwark, protecting vital infrastructures. The outcome is twofold: our clients rest easy knowing their services stand fortified, and the broader community finds solace in the resilience of these essential services amidst a volatile digital realm.



At the heart of Symbiotic Networks lies a deep-rooted sense of stewardship. Whether managing the vast spectrum of resources in SCADA systems or harnessing the potential of our in-house human and tech prowess, efficiency and waste-reduction are our watchwords. The dividends of this meticulous approach are palpable: clients enjoy streamlined, reliable operations, and our practices dovetail with the larger global vision of conservation and efficiency.


In entrusting us, you're not just partnering with a company but aligning with our core pillars—each underlining our unwavering dedication to clients, community, and the global environment. Join us on this journey, as we steer towards a sustainable, safe, and resource-conscious tomorrow.

Our Team

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