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Symbiotic Networks specializes in developing networking solutions for critical infrastructure SCADA systems to increase their resilience and reduce cybersecurity threats.

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to design systems that optimize resource use and support the long-term health of our planet's water and energy cycles.

What We Do

At Symbiotic Networks, we empower municipalities with SCADA solutions infused with our core values of sustainability, safety, and stewardship. We innovate for a future where public infrastructure operates with environmental harmony, ensuring resilient community services.


By safeguarding systems against cyber threats and enabling efficient operation, we uphold our commitment to safety and sustainable progress.


Our dedication to these principles reflects not just in robust security but in the conscientious management and modernization of essential resources—because we believe in nurturing the community's lifelines for generations to come.


Remote Support

A comprehensive solution for your SCADA systems' monitoring and maintenance needs.  From managing system patches and maintaining network health to ensuring data integrity, we optimize system efficiency and safeguarding against cybersecurity threats. Experience efficiency, security, and peace of mind in one seamless offering.

Data Management & Analysis

Transform SCADA complexity into clarity. Our experts harness the power of modern SCADA data, delivering actionable insights that enhance performance and optimize maintenance. Unlock unparalleled operational efficiency, significant cost savings, and boosted service reliability.

System Integration

Navigate the intricacies of software mergers with ease – from billing to GIS. Ensure fluid data flow and cohesive operations across all departments. Experience streamlined operations, reduced complexities, and optimized inter-departmental collaboration with our tailored solutions.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure that your systems and operational workflows align with stringent safety and environmental standards. Our experts collaborate with SCADA teams and legal professionals to simplify compliance. Avoid penalties and protect your reputation with our best-in-class practices.

If you’d like more information about our solutions, get in touch today.


Become a Symbiode

Are you driven by the desire to innovate for a sustainable future, safeguard essential services, and steward public resources responsibly? Symbiotic Networks is seeking passionate individuals to join our team. We value forward-thinkers who are committed to advancing cybersecurity and resilience in critical SCADA systems. If you're ready to make an impact where it counts, explore a career with us.

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